Sunday, April 11, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about justice these days.  What is justice and how is it served?  I am praying that justice is served, but is not the defendant's family also praying that justice is served?  Both sides cannot have justice - at least not the justice they desire or seek.  We have truth on our side.  Will justice prevail because of truth?  Will my nieces find the justice they seek for all the injustices done to them? 

And the trial, so close, was postponed, once again.  My niece cried saying she just wants this to be over.  As a wise aunt, I told her if she wants it to be over, let it be so within herself.  I told her not to let the trial be the deciding factor for her...b/c who knows how long this will continue?  And yet, despite my words to her, I find that I am desiring the exact same thing - I just want it to be over.  I want to know that he will pay for what he's done, I want to know that we can go on without thinking about what's to come.  I want to know that he is shitting bricks, wondering what his life will entail for the next 10-20 years. 

I know God has the perfect plan ~ I tell myself over and over that we don't always know what is in store, but He does.  I know He has my nieces and sister in the palms of His hands, and I know He is giving them strength and courage every day.  I know I should rest in Him - but I want to know NOW!  And through all these ponderings I can't but wonder...if I am constantly thinking and hoping and thinking and thinking, what are my sister and nieces doing?  I am but a small character in this play and I have all these emotions.  To be key characters?  I just cannot imagine.

And so we wait again.  For the next court date.  For whatever our justice system has in store for us.  We wait and wait and wait.