Friday, January 13, 2012

One Year...

ago, today, the world lost a remarkable man while heaven gained a beautiful soul.  I miss you so much, Dad.

I am told that the first year is the hardest, that it does get easier, and I am hoping that is the case.  My life is a little less sunnier without you here, my smile not quite as genuine...strange as it may sound, life just is not the same without you and I still find it hard to believe you are gone.

I know you are up there, loving us, praying for us daily.  And I know your prayers are working miracles; you are still taking care of your family, and guiding us, just as you always did.

As I write this, my eyes turn to the clock and I realize the time...little did we know, one year ago at this very minute, that you only had 5 more minutes of life in your body.  And I sometimes wonder why you chose to leave us, alone.  You waited till Albert left the room, then decided to move onward to your heavenly home.  I suppose one day I will be able to ask you face to face...but every day, I thank God that I had the morning with you to hold your hand, pray and sing to you ~ a gift I will forever cherish.

Know you are in our thoughts, every minute of every day...I love you.