Friday, September 20, 2013

A Sister's Love

Tomorrow marks the eighth month anniversary of my brother-in-law's death.  And of course, today my thoughts have been of my sister, nieces, and nephew.

I find that words fall so short, and so often I am at a loss as to what to say.  What is there to say that will comfort them, that will ease the ache in their hearts, the emptiness in their lives.  I talk to my sister and I hear her pain, feel her grief, and yet, there is nothing I can do.  Kate, this is for you.

A Sister's Love

If I could try, I’d take away,
the loneliness day after day;
I’d kiss your tears, erase your pain,
would make you laugh and smile again.

Mere words fall short, then disappear,
next to your sorrow, and your fear;
would that I could, I’d take your place,
but I cannot, this is your race.

With every teardrop that you cry,
or every time you want to die;
with every day you weep and grieve,
I am beside you, I’ll not leave.

A sister’s love, deep as the sea,
reach out your hand, and there I’ll be;
to walk beside you to the end,
and carry you, my sister, friend.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Frozen Spirit

As a writer, one of the worst things to happen is 'writer's block'.  I've been suffering from such for some time now - years, actually.  Oh, periodically the muse would sneak through and I would create something, but for the most part my writing pallet has been blank.

Since 2009, we've had some very traumatic family events.  There has been revelations of sexual abuse and two trials, ending with the conviction of an ex-brother-in-law; there have been major surgeries - most unexpected surgeries; and then there have been deaths - my beloved father died in January 2011, and my brother-in-law in January 2013.  Not to mention friends and extended family members, and beloved pets, who have also passed away.  It's been a hellish and mentally exhausting couple of years.

Yesterday, I was able to write.  And on the poetry site I belong - - someone commented on one of the poems.  She said 'sometimes the spirit is frozen'.  And a lightening bolt hit!  Her words explained what I had been feeling all this spirit was frozen.   Following is a poem I wrote after reading her review.  The style is my own creation.  I thank the Lord, and my friend, for the inspiration; and I pray that my spirit, once frozen, is now beginning to thaw.


My spirit frozen, deep in sleep
too much pain
and grief to bear

Words come to mind, flit through the brain
in frosty air

A wintry wasteland, vast and wide
months go by
nothing to share

But as they say, time heals all wounds
as do tears
with love and prayer

Perhaps the glacial plains now thaw
feeling warmth
no more despair

Kristina M. Hooper, 11 September 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Cry

On 21 January 2013, my beloved brother-in-law suddenly passed away.  He went out for his walk, and never came home, having had a massive heart attack.  He left a loving, devoted wife and three children behind.  Not to mention a grieving extended family.  My heart aches for my sister and my nieces, and nephew; wanting to comfort and console, but knowing my words fall short so many times.  Some hurts are just too hard to write about.  But today, I was able to pen some words - imagining how my sister feels, and the emptiness that is now in her life.  This poem is dedicated to my dearest sister, Kate; my nephew, Matt; and my two nieces, Molly and Maggie.

   I Cry

I cannot face this world alone,
 not sure I want to try;
the future now so damned unknown,
 with every tear I cry.

You left me here, without a word,
 not even a goodbye;
now every day is just absurd,
 and every day I cry.

So hard to comprehend this plan,
 hard not to question why;
I only know I miss my man,
 with every tear I cry.

Forever you are gone from me,
 such truth I would defy;
yet no one seems to hear my plea,
 so every day I cry.

Kristina M. Hooper @ 11 September 2013