Saturday, July 31, 2010

To My Sister, Kate

Happy Birthday, Queer! (Sister McGee)

My sister, my life long friend…You have been with me the longest, through thick and thin, tears and laughter, sorrow and joy.  For 50 years we have shared our lives: from small children playing make believe games, to teenagers sharing crushes and loves, to adults, married with husbands and families.

You, Kate, are amazing.  I don’t believe you realize the impact you have on the lives that surround you ~ how lost we would be without you in our lives.  You have the love and devotion of a man who has been smitten with you fro 21 years.  Your children love and adore you, as do their friends ~ you are the cool Mom!  As for me, I simply love you beyond words for the quirky, smart, loving, warm, funny individual you are ~ my sister and forever friend.  True dat!

Never doubt your place in life or our family.  Never doubt your specialness.  Never wonder if you are loved or cherished.  For you are, far more than you will ever realize or know. 

On this day, in the 50th year of your life, know this:  This sister loves you tons.  The memories I have stored over the years still make me smile: playing crippled children in our purple, plaid jackets; wearing our leggings, the ones the leaves stuck to all the time…; playing jungle in the woods, or girl scout trails.  I remember our grand Europe tour as if it were yesterday ~ Halib and the ‘catedrals’; you walking around Europe in skirts and heels, as if you belonged there.  I remember you meeting John and falling in love ~ the beautiful bride you were ~ and I remember the birth of each of my nieces, and nephew ~ remember how you held each one with love and pride.  I remember the pain you suffered as you dealt with your past.  And look at you now!  A woman who rocks!

Happy 50th birthday sister!  You are the queerest of the queer and I love you with all my heart!  Have a most wonderful time and bask in all the love that is surrounding you tonight.  I may not be there in body, but my spirit and thoughts are with you in spades!  Shine! Shine! Shine! As only you can!
    Karate, Jerry, Karate!

                    All my love and devotion,
                        (Sister Magoo)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Letter to My Love

I miss your presence ~ miss your smile, your laugh, all that is you.  I miss the way you pour my coffee in the morning and the way you take out the trash.  
I miss your 'I love you'; I miss your kisses. 
And deep in the night I miss the nearness of you, the comfort of your touch, your breath, your snores ~ all those things that let me know you are there, with me, beside me, protecting me from harm.
Every day activities just aren't the same without you. How many thoughts come to mind, wanting to share with you, but not having you near enough to hear.
I miss your presence, your essence ~ all that is you.
I love you.  Return to me soon, my love.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Poet's Heart

I live to write, and write to live,
my soul within does yearn;
yet many fail to understand,
the passion and the burn.

To write emotions honestly,
remorse, distress, desire;
such ramblings of a poet's heart,
that stem from burning fire.

Say what you will, call me insane,
or call me quite absurd;
I listen not, for they don't know
the power of the word.

No one can truly comprehend,
the essence of my drive;
the urgency to pen sweet words,
in order to survive.

I write to live, and live to write,
each word, necessity;
to fuel this flame, my inner core,
hungers for poetry.
Copyright Kristina M. Hooper, 7/18/10


Friday, July 16, 2010

Instant Family

As many of you know, my husband and I were not blessed with children.  I have often wondered what it would be like, what our life would have been like if we had had Little Jack or Little Mella.  I'm finding out now.

Two of my nieces are staying with us for the summer.  And when I say 'us', I mean me, myself, and I.  My dear husband had to leave to help family in another state, and I am now left with an 18 year old, and a 13 year old.  It is quite interesting, to say the least.

May I say first and foremost that I can now appreciate my sisters much, much, more...raising children is not easy, this I have learned.  And let me remind you, my husband and I live alone.  As much as I call my kitties 'my babies', they are nothing like real children, as I am finding out (okay, okay, I already knew this, but...)

I love my nieces with all my heart and I am having a great time...but I am used to quiet - you know, that thing where only me and husband are in the house - no TV, no music, just us.  Yeah, well, that doesn't happen too much now.  And one or the other is always by my side...touching me, telling me they love me, hugging me.  Again, I love it - because the one thing I miss here in Florida is the hugginess of my family...I am soaking up all the hugs I can get and storing them for future need.  I now know what it likes to take children somewhere, drop them off, and wonder if they are okay.  I am going to leave my house tonight, around 9:30, to pick them up from a movie.  Do you know when the last time I left my house at 9:30???  Probably during my 30's ~ my wild, party days when the night didn't start till 10:00/10:30.  Nowadays, I am quite ready for bed, and most night IN BED by 8:00!

We went to the beach today.  They went off in the water and I could not see them.  I searched and I searched, but could not see yes, I got up and walked the beach to find them.  Of course, they did not know I did this, and they did not see me checking on them;  I knew they were fine because the lifeguards had not moved, no whistles were blown, but I need to see for myself where they were.

It's a new experience for me; wondering if I'm making the right decisions, thinking of others first; but I sure am loving this instant family! Better sign off now, so I won't be late!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Most of my life I have been surrounded by a strong faith.  I was raised as a Roman Catholic, going to church every day, and receiving the sacraments: first holy communion, confession, and confirmation, even holy matrimony (in much later years, of course).  When I was 10, my parents became involved with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal; my life was forever changed.

My parents began having weekly prayer meetings in our house.  I attended, but only because there was nothing else to do; we couldn't watch TV, we had to be quiet - so why not sing and pray?  Plus, we were adored by those attending - everyone thought it was so cute to see 'the little children' praying so fervently.  My Dad took to giving us scripture lessons at dinner - boring! He would have us memorize scriptures, sing chants, learn prayers...all this we did with loud groans and embarrassment.  No one else had to endure what we endured.  I remember the lessons my Dad gave on the Our Father and the Creed...he dissected each prayer, line by line - teaching us the meaning and intent, so we would understand what we were praying.  Did we listen?  Yes and no...

As I grew older, I attended church every week.  Not so much because of a strong desire to do so,  but because it was expected ~ mostly out of guilt.  I was in my thirties when I began questioning exactly why I was doing what I was doing.  I decided that it wasn't important to go to Mass every day; but rather, my relationship with God, with Jesus - that was the most important thing.  An excuse? Perhaps. 

I still do not attend church regularly.  I pray daily, I seek God's guidance for my life on a regular basis. I have a strong faith and a deep love for my heavenly Father.  I owe this faith to my parents.  I find that all those lessons, all those chants, all those scripture readings, touched me deeply. A seed was deeply implanted in my heart and soul.  When I do attend church, I find a peace that I find in no other place:  I find myself loving the prayers, and remembering the words of my father, the lessons he so faithfully and lovingly taught us.

My Dad often wonders what God will say to him when he reaches the pearly gates.  Will God be displeased because some of his children have wandered in their faith?  I try to reassure him:  he and Mom did all they could do to teach us, to lead us in the way of the Lord.  Once adults, we each chose our own path.  I believe God will be most pleased with my parents and will say 'job well done!'.

Though many of my siblings and I have chosen different paths, we all have a strong faith.  Even those of us who are lost and wandering the misty flats.  Our parents did good by us; they instructed us, giving us a faith to lean upon through trial and tribulations.  Daddy, rest easy, you planted the seeds deep within.  I am most grateful for your love, wisdom, and most of all, faith.