Sunday, May 22, 2011


Some friends and I were having a discussion today (on facebook) about books vs. kindles, etc.  The conversation reminded me of this poem I had written some time ago.  My love of books came from Dad...he had such a vast library and I loved browsing through his shelves.  Books are a part of me.  I love the feel, the smell; they bring a comfort to my spirit and soothe my soul.  Perhaps that may sound a bit odd, or a bit over the top, but it's true.  When I am troubled, I love sitting in my library.  I love to look at the books - the shapes and sizes, the titles.  Some are old, some are new; some are worn, some are not.  But each one is special and unique.  And now that Dad is gone, my books are a connection to him. 

Old Books
Safe haven,
rich aroma
of old books,
greatly comforts,
soothes my soul,
hard to explain
indescribable solace.

Copyright @ Kristina M. Hooper

This is a whitney, or an attempt at such...lines 1, 3, & 5 are 3syllables; lines 2, 4, & 6 are 4 syllables, line 7 has 7syllables...may or may not rhyme

Friday, May 13, 2011

Learning Curve

As many of you know, I started a new job about two months ago.  I'm a front desk clerk at a local hotel.  It's an interesting job and fits my personality - I get to meet new people, talk, flirt, help...Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think there was so much to learn about making reservations, etc.  Of course, as is my way, I think I should know everything already and get frustrated with myself when I mess up, or say something I shouldn't. My co-workers are patient and kind, teaching and guiding me.  I still have much to learn.

However, I thought I would share a few things I have learned in the short time I've been in the hotel business:
  •  Don't use the 'I'm new' card.  I have found out very quickly, and much to my surprise, how many people will use that card against you.  Instead of sympathy and understanding, they will try to nail you, or try to get something they didn't pay for.  
  • I have learned to speak with authority, even though I don't know what I'm talking about, or even though I may be wrong.  To sound timid, or to look nervous, only brings out the fangs in some people.
  • Do not book through expedia,,, etc.  If you want a good room, and friendly service, call the hotel directly.  Why will a hotel bend over backwards for someone getting a room at a ridiculously low rate?  Trust me, they won't.  
  • The old adage, 'You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar' is very, very true.  People, if you are calling a place, and need someone to help you, don't give attitude or act like the person helping you is just a low-life working at a hotel.  The quickest way to be told 'we have nothing available' or to be given an astronomically high price is to be rude and nasty to the individual trying to help you.
To be honest, there is a sense of 'I have the power in my hands' and sometimes it feels damned good to tell a smart-ass they can't have something.  I am learning, and it feels good to stretch the mind again...but thank goodness there is a learning curve!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Today is Mother's Day; a day to celebrate the woman who gave us birth, the woman who loves us unconditionally and sacrifices for us on a daily basis.  

This Mother's Day is especially poignant...I just talked to my Mom...she is remarkable, strong, full of strength and courage.  I hear her speak of how she is filling her days, how she feels Dad with her, how the Lord is using this time to teach/guide her...still learning lessons even now.  I simply love her.  She is a great woman, and though she may not be perfect, although she may have made mistakes over the years, she is  still a shining example of what motherhood and wifehood are all about.  Love, Sacrifice, Compassion, Care.  

This poem, a nonet, is dedicated to you, Mom.  Thank you for all you've done, for all you still do.  May God continue to bless you and give you strength.  I love you with all my heart.


I admire and respect you so much
the little things you do, and such
deep the well, your giving heart
wisdom you do impart.
My hero, my friend,
your love transcends.
Always there,
to care...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Miss Marplestein

Miss Marplestein, cute as a button
So, I have two cats, or as I like to call them my 'baby girls'.  Actually, in June they will be six years old, so they aren't quite 'baby girls' anymore, rather 'young ladies'.  Factualities aside, they are and always will be my baby girls.  They are near and dear to our hearts, and have a place in our household.  They are like our children (although my husband
would deny it).  And, they are strictly indoor cats.  They have only been 'allowed' outside with Mommy and Daddy, firmly in our arms.

Miss Marplestein is a red tabby.  She is long and lean, and has an angular face - to me, simply adorable.  She has very meak voice, soft and sweet.  Miss M is a Daddy's girl.  She loves her Daddy - loves laying next to him, loves cuddling with him, loves sitting on his desk.  She follows him everywhere. 

This morning, we're drinking coffee in bed with Miss M by our side.  We get up, have our oatmeal, and I dress for work.  Just before leaving, I realize it's still quite dark in our TV room, so I decide to open the blinds.  As I'm opening, I see Miss M outside - yes, outside!  I think to myself, 'is this a reflection in the window?' 'how did she get out there?'...all these thoughts are going through my mind.  It was just a shock to see her out on the patio, looking at me like 'hello, you got a problem?'.  Of course, I quickly picked her up and brought her to safety, in my arms, cozy and warm.  Don't think she liked it though.  Seems the screen in our bedroom window was pushed out.  Not sure if it just 'fell' on its own, or if it had a little prodding from my baby.  Methinks it's the latter.

Then this evening, she's sitting on Daddy's desk, as he's trying to play his game.  As on any desk, there is a pile of papers, books...very slowly, she drops her head and starts to push the debris in her way.  We're sitting there watching her!  Bam, several papers and a book drop to the floor.  Then she sees her sister, realizes if she drops any more she'll hit her, and stops, just waits.  Soon Dulcinea moves along, and Miss M didn't miss a beat...again she dropped her head and pushed until the remaining papers were on the floor.  Then she just licked her paw, stretched across the desk and gave a little 'meow'...It was just the cutest thing ever!

Needless to say, I love my babies.  Just thought you'd enjoy these little escapades and something lighthearted for a change.  Here's to love, here's to pets, and here's to my Miss M!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Missing Him

Ever since the stone was placed on his grave, I've been having a rough time.  Perhaps the stone was a symbol of finality for me.  The grief is constant, always there, and I find myself crying over the smallest thing.

Then last night I was watching The Biggest Loser.  It was the 'make over' week, where the contestants glam themselves up, showing off the weight they've lost.  One of the girls was reunited with her father.  I lost it.  Seeing the love on the father's face, seeing how proud he was of his daughter, seeing them hug - brought it all home to me that I will never see that look on Daddy's face again.  I will never feel his hug again.  Not in this lifetime.  The dam broke and the tears spilled forth.

What's more to say?  I miss him so much.