Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Missing Him

Ever since the stone was placed on his grave, I've been having a rough time.  Perhaps the stone was a symbol of finality for me.  The grief is constant, always there, and I find myself crying over the smallest thing.

Then last night I was watching The Biggest Loser.  It was the 'make over' week, where the contestants glam themselves up, showing off the weight they've lost.  One of the girls was reunited with her father.  I lost it.  Seeing the love on the father's face, seeing how proud he was of his daughter, seeing them hug - brought it all home to me that I will never see that look on Daddy's face again.  I will never feel his hug again.  Not in this lifetime.  The dam broke and the tears spilled forth.

What's more to say?  I miss him so much.


  1. Love the story @ Miss M. Quite a character! Just like some children I once knew. Ha! Ha!

    Be at peace with your grieving my dear. I understand. Your Daddy, my Husband was a wonderful, gentle man. I miss every day.

    Love you, Mommy

  2. Though it is Mother's Day, I understand you grieving for your father. I feel the same about my long lost father. I felt myself to be not only his son, but his best friend. He was my role model, my friend, and quite simply, the best man I ever knew. I still miss him. My mother was also loved and this is the day to remember them. Bless them all. My best.