Thursday, March 27, 2014

Olivia and Emma

The other day I heard a story that has touched my heart, and stayed with me.  Two little girls, sisters, were killed in an automobile accident.  Olivia was 6, Emma was 3.  They have a surviving sister, Vivian.  I cannot imagine what the families of these two girls must be feeling, the grief that must consume them.  I do not know them, but they have been in my thoughts, my prayers.

Olivia and Emma

We did not want to leave so soon,
but Jesus called our name;
‘Olivia and Emma, come’,
and then the angels came.

They gently took us by the hand,
they wiped away each tear;
They softly raised our bodies up,
erasing every fear.

God greeted us with open arms,
He placed us in His palm;
And oh, such beauty filled our souls,
His touch, a soothing balm.

Though grief assails, remember we
have seen His mighty throne;
we hear the angels praise and sing,
and we are not alone.

Kristina M. Hooper @ 3/27/14