Saturday, July 31, 2010

To My Sister, Kate

Happy Birthday, Queer! (Sister McGee)

My sister, my life long friend…You have been with me the longest, through thick and thin, tears and laughter, sorrow and joy.  For 50 years we have shared our lives: from small children playing make believe games, to teenagers sharing crushes and loves, to adults, married with husbands and families.

You, Kate, are amazing.  I don’t believe you realize the impact you have on the lives that surround you ~ how lost we would be without you in our lives.  You have the love and devotion of a man who has been smitten with you fro 21 years.  Your children love and adore you, as do their friends ~ you are the cool Mom!  As for me, I simply love you beyond words for the quirky, smart, loving, warm, funny individual you are ~ my sister and forever friend.  True dat!

Never doubt your place in life or our family.  Never doubt your specialness.  Never wonder if you are loved or cherished.  For you are, far more than you will ever realize or know. 

On this day, in the 50th year of your life, know this:  This sister loves you tons.  The memories I have stored over the years still make me smile: playing crippled children in our purple, plaid jackets; wearing our leggings, the ones the leaves stuck to all the time…; playing jungle in the woods, or girl scout trails.  I remember our grand Europe tour as if it were yesterday ~ Halib and the ‘catedrals’; you walking around Europe in skirts and heels, as if you belonged there.  I remember you meeting John and falling in love ~ the beautiful bride you were ~ and I remember the birth of each of my nieces, and nephew ~ remember how you held each one with love and pride.  I remember the pain you suffered as you dealt with your past.  And look at you now!  A woman who rocks!

Happy 50th birthday sister!  You are the queerest of the queer and I love you with all my heart!  Have a most wonderful time and bask in all the love that is surrounding you tonight.  I may not be there in body, but my spirit and thoughts are with you in spades!  Shine! Shine! Shine! As only you can!
    Karate, Jerry, Karate!

                    All my love and devotion,
                        (Sister Magoo)

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