Thursday, August 18, 2011

Puppy Love

Henley Patches Stewart Hooper

'And they call it puppy love...'  Ah, yes, and how true it is!  I am in love with a sweet, little puppy called Henley!  He is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, not quite two months old.  Henley came home to us on Monday, 15 August.  He is just the most adorable puppy in the whole wide world.

Has it been an adjustment?  Absolutely.  Have the baby girls adjusted?  Not quite, but they are making progress each day.  Are we happy we made the decision to get a puppy - no doubt in our minds!  Perhaps my nose was a bit disjointed at first - I've only been asking for a puppy for two and half years, since we moved down here.  My hubs was dead set against it and nothing changed his mind.  Quite amazing that only one month after living with us, my niece was able to change his mind...hmmmm...

Who cares?  I have my puppy.  I am Mamma; Luna is Mommy; of course Terry is Daddy.  All three of us have fallen in love.  The cats will follow, I'm sure.  Have I said that he is adorable?  Have I said that he is the smartest puppy ever?  He already knows how to sit, he is close to knowing his name (of course we just finally decided on the name yesterday!), and he is pretty much house trained.  What more could we ask for?

So, Henley, welcome to our world!  Puppy love is fantastic!


  1. Love your new addition...he's the perfect little doggy!!!

  2. Perhaps dogs unconsciously repay us with loyalty, unconditional love and protection in return for freeing them from the life, and brutality of the pack. They indeed make our lives better and brighter. My best

  3. Yes, he is the perfect doggy!
    Thank you, Count. I've been waiting for three years for this little tyke, and so far, he has not disappointed!

  4. Hi,
    No matter the reason it came to pass, you have your puppy!! You have so much love that has not been tapped into, somehow it must find avenues to release itself! Henley appears to be a perfect target. Lucky, lucky puppy!!!