Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mambie Pambies

I must be officially old.  Seems this young generation - the X generation - is nothing but a bunch of mambie pambies.  Mind you, I am well aware that this does not apply to all, but what is it with so many of these kids, or young adults, nowadays?

And the term 'young adults' must be used mildly.  They think they are adults, yet they have no clue how to debate, how to hold a decent conversation.  If you contradict or disagree, they pout and curse you, or heaven forbid, 'defriend' you; they call you old and a bitch.  Yep, I am now at that stage of my life where I am old and a bitch.  But you know what?  Thank the good lord!  I can say what I want to say and not have to worry about someone liking me! 

These so called 'adults' want to have their opinions and they want you to agree with them.  If you differ from what they think then we don't know what we're talking about.  Or I'm a drama queen.  They can cuss all they want, they can steal, they can do drugs and party, they can have their sexual preferences...and I'm just supposed to smile and say 'hey, that's really really wonderful!'.  If I dare say 'hey, I'm worried about you', or 'don't you think it's time to get a job?' or 'don't use that language with me', I'm considered persona non grata. Don't they realize that part of being an adult is to listen to other opinions?  Debate.  Fight about it.  But at the end of they day, we're all adults.  We have different opinions and that's okay...move on.

One of the great things of being my age is that I have my own opinions...people can say what they want...sure, I'll listen, but in the end my opinion is my own.  Doesn't matter...I don't have to cuss the other person out, I don't have to be nasty, don't have to defriend them...

If this is the quality of 'adults' we have, God help this nation.  I fear we have raised a generation (and again, this does not apply to ALL, as I know some very well adjusted youngsters) of mambie pambies who don't want to work, who want everything their own way, who have no respect for others, no compassion for others...yep, we are in a heap of trouble!


  1. A sad reflection on society..not just America, but the UK, too, I'm afraid to say..I also think this apathetic mode will spread as there's so much communication globally..not always for the good either...keep your thought's interesting and thought provoking to read someone else's take on things.thank you Kristina...Jan x

  2. Thanks for reading, Jan. It's a sad state of affairs, is it not? I appreciate your thoughts!

  3. Could not have said it better Kristina!! My thoughts exactly.I enjoy your ramblings, Keep them coming. It's a god given talent.

    Must say I'm from a much older generation---I thought the country was falling apart in the sixties. Here we go again!

  4. I'm sure you and many others thought the same thing in the 60s...guess we survived, but there seems to be a basic disrespect for so much nowadays...thanks for reading!