Sunday, October 10, 2010

My So Called Life

How many of us know someone who is involved in an abusive relationship?  Whether it's physical, mental, or spiritual, the abuser keeps a strong hold on his victim.  And how many times have we heard that someone tried to get a restraining order, but the justice system failed to follow through and the victim ends up dead?  I have someone very dear to my heart who is involved in an abusive relationship; somehow this horrific crime must be stopped and stopped now!

My So Called Life

He speaks of love then turns around
and beats me with his fists;
he shouts out every wrong I do,
imaginary lists.

And every punch and every kick
reminds me I am dirt;
my so called life, a living hell,
my mind too numb to hurt.

My heart aches so, I try to please,
my body, black and blue;
but nothing's ever good enough,
no matter what I do.

With knowledge I am all alone,
and no escaping him;
I find a corner, try to hide,
my piercing screams grow dim.

My inner soul floats high above,
his rage and anger cease;
it matters not, I'm free at last,
poor spirit now at peace.

Copyright © Kristina M. Hooper, 07/23/2010