Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Great Huntresses

'Do you see it?  Where did it go?'

I don't see it, but they know it's there!

I think Dulcinea was getting bored
Many of you know that I have two precious babies:  Miss Marplestein and Dulcinea.  Yes, they are cats, but they are very precious to me.  They show me love, and attitude, all the time!

Last night, I saw Miss Marplestein reaching under the CD tower.  She looked at me with a dust bunny hanging off her whiskers, so I knew she was after something.  I looked and saw nothing.  Next thing I know, her sister, Dulcinea, is joining her in the search.  They were trying to get behind the tower, under the tower, behind the bookcase...this went on for some time.  Then they stopped and posted watch.  They sat in front of the tower for hours.  Literally.  They didn't move.  Eventually I went into the bedroom.  I came out to check on them, to tell them that I didn't think anything was there, or if it was, it was under the bookcase, but they were zonked out.  Miss M was on the back of the sofa, spread out; and Dulcinea was on her back, on the floor, stretched out.  It was just too adorable!  Of course, as soon as I got the camera to photograph this precious moment, they woke up and ran towards me.  Great photo-op missed!

Just now, going out to get mail, there was a dead something in the middle of the foyer - whatever it was, it was missing it's tail but it did have a dust bunny attached.  Could this have been the perpetrator?  All I know is that my babies are sweet as can be, but they can be the mean huntress when they have to be.  They are protecting Mommy, and I so appreciate their thoughtfulness!

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