Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Blessings

Every morning, as I am drinking my coffee, I send an email to my Mom (see the halo firmly planted above my head, glowing!).  This morning, I didn't have much to say, but I did have a thought, which I must say, I think is quite profound:

"God is good in every way, is He not?  He showers us with blessings every day, but sometimes we are too caught up with mundane things to notice...may we open our eyes to see the many blessings before us this day!"

How many blessing do we miss along the way because we are stressed, angry, or hurt? Or just too busy with life to stop and smell the roses?  Each day is a precious gift from God.  Each moment has something to touch our spirit, to speak to us, if we just stop and open ourselves to see and hear.

Let go of the things that don't matter.  Take a moment to feel His presence, to discover His little blessings, given freely to us each and every day.

Just more ramblings from an old, romantic soul...


  1. I am fortunate to be the Mom referred to above, not only do I get a call each morning, I also receive a good nite call each evening. We live in different parts of the country! The mother daughter bond is beautiful, based on the beauty of knowing God's love,accepting each other as individuals with different talents & gifts.

    I also have 4 other daughters and 2 sons! The bond of love is just a strong with each of them.

    God has taken us thru many valleys & mountain tops to reveal to us what true love is all about!!!I thank Him every day!

  2. Preach it, Mom...God has been good to us in so many ways!

  3. I'm the eldest daughter of the Mother spoken about above...and of course have the largest of halos:)! God has blessed me with many things, and I must say my relationship with my Mother and the author of this writing is truly at the top of the list. I couldn't have said it better...the only thing left to say is one big AMEN sister!!

  4. Our relationship is a great blessing to me...took many years to get where we are today, but it was worth it. I love you.