Saturday, February 18, 2012

Still Everywhere

I read a poem yesterday by a fellow poet and was inspired by a line from her poem...‘You left my heart with little or no care, but I still see you everywhere’.  The inspiration led me to to write the following:

Still Everywhere

I wander where we used to walk
as lovers, hand in hand;
remembering each little touch,
upon my heart, a brand.

I see you everywhere I go,
I feel your spirit near;
your voice a whisper in the wind,
tickling my ear.

And yet you left me, all alone,
oblivious, I’m sure;
to all my pain, my memories,
the hurt I still endure.

So little was your love for me,
such truth is hard to bear;
and yet, it seems I can’t let go,
I see you everywhere.

@Kristina M. Hooper, 2/17/12

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  1. What more can I say?
    I can think of nothing else!
    The sorrow is lifting,
    I feel this gentle breeze
    surrounding me, whispering,
    I shall never leave you,
    I love you
    I am, forever yours.

  2. Absolutely a poem itself...

  3. Alone But Alive

    I am loved and I am hated,
    I wonder why the world is segregated,
    I hear voices screaming in vain,
    I see souls of a world insane,
    I want to know my silent fate,
    I am loved and I am hated.

    I pretend to control my destiny,
    I feel my Judgement is weary and false,
    I touch the souls of every tree,
    I worry I am doing the mephisto waltz,
    I cry for our leprosy, our life has faded,
    I am loved and I am hated.

    I understand the laws of conduct and chaos,
    I say individuality is the essence. What is it to conform?
    I dream about the Nuclear Holocaust,
    I try to see the white sepulchre in uniform,
    I hope to see our silent fate... torn deep and faded,
    I am loved and I am hated.

  4. Hey Kris. I thought I had subscribed to this but i guess not. Enjoyed the read and hope you will continue to post your beautiful poems. I am a subscriber now and look forward to updates. Big luvs n Hugs!


  5. What a surprise to see your comment! Thank you, my friend. I will try to post more...thank you for the encouragement.