Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flags Upon The Graves

I went to visit you today,
the flag upon your grave;
blowing gently in the breeze,
so many, like a wave.

Fallen heroes who fill the earth,
fought proudly and so brave;
I stand here with respect and awe,
for what so many gave.

These soldiers lived through battles past,
the way to glory paved;
for you and me, America,
sweet liberty is saved.

I went to visit you today,
Old Glory, 'pon your grave;
Fifty stars, red, white, and blue ,
home of the free and brave.

Copyright © 05/26/2008 Kristina M. Hooper


  1. Very good! Happy Memorial Day to you and T!

  2. Loverly, you know these will become very famous one day when you're gone...

  3. Kristina this poem is really awesome. It has so much emotion within your words and was very moving to read. Your imagery is fantastic as the subject most can relate to. wonderful verse....

    Christina Jussaume aka