Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hallmark Employee

After not working for over a year and half, I must say getting back into the working world is a bit harder than I anticipated.  And I'm not even working full time.  Just this week, I worked Monday and Tuesday mornings - about four and half hours each day...not long, I know, but when I got home I was exhausted!  Now, to be fair to myself, I am on my feet the entire time - that's right, standing and bending - something I am not used to.  But it sure feels good to be out and about.

The job itself is not rocket science.  However, there is definitely more to stocking cards than I ever thought or imagined!  If I have learned anything in these past two weeks it is this:  put cards back where you find them!  Do not put them willy nilly, wherever you want...believe it or not, there is a specific 'pocket' for every card.  I know, because I scan each card to put it in its place. 

Last Thursday I serviced the Publix account.  I straightened, organized, all the Mother's Day Cards.  Saturday, I had to go back to restock, etc. for the last minute rush.  When I arrived at the display I could not believe how messy it was!  It looked as if a tornado had come through the aisle and destroyed everything in put here, cards put there, envelopes scattered; nothing in its place - nothing at all!  I was supposed to work for an hour, max, and was there for a little over two hours putting things to right.  So yes, I now have a profound respect for cards and how they are displayed.  All this wisdom gained in just two short weeks.

My paycheck will not be much, but I am looking forward to that first check in the mail.  There is a sense of pride knowing I am helping, even in a small way, with our finances.  Will it enable us to vacation?  Probably not.  Will it pay for our new refrigerator?  Nope, no way.  But it will allow us to enjoy little things - a dinner out, a movie - like the new Robin Hood flick coming out on Friday...but that's another blog, for another time.

All in all, I like my status as a Hallmark employee.  The job fits my life ~ who could ask for more?


  1. I always try to put cards back in their right place (she said smugly). I'm glad you're enjoying working. I often wonder what it will be like when I go back to work. I'll probably really enjoy it, too.

  2. I have a new found respect for the "card stocking" people...I will certainly be more attentive to the replacement of rejected cards when perusing the selection.

  3. Ah, thank you, Mary...much