Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On-line World

The preparations for going home are always exciting.  The biggest issue for me is 'Do I take my laptop or not?' I decided This time to leave it home and have realized I am quite addicted to the thing, to Facebook, to email, and to my poetry sites.  It kills me not to have free access!  Yes, I do have sporadic use of my brother's computer (and this is being typed on my mother's while she is fast asleep); I am refraining from constant use, but oh, how it hurts! lol  I wonder what I am missing, what's happening without my presence; how many notifications I will have, how many friend requests, who is beating me in Bejeweled or Mahjong Dimensions...I wonder how many emails are piling up or how many people have read my poems.  I imagine this huge backlog that will take forever to peruse.  I log on with anticipation only to find I am not quite the poetic genius I thought, nor the most popular on Facebook.  I am learning that sometimes not much happens when I am let it go, let it go.

I had very good intentions when I left Florida - no computer, spend quality time with family; but when I find myself alone, with time on my hands, I crave the internet world.  Alas, I am addicted.  Good or bad, I love my on-line world.  Ahhh.........


  1. I have found that there are times when the internet can be a substitute for reality. There is some quality to it that can mezmerise. I do sometimes have to fight with myself to get offline. I really do seem to be a healthier person when my internet use falls into the "treat" catagory in stead of the "habit" catagory.

  2. No truer words in more humorous form could be spoken....well done!:)