Monday, August 30, 2010


...or should I say dirty laundry?

For 13 years, I have wanted my shirts hung up after washing - I don't like to put them in the dryer.  Is it such an insurmountable problem that my husband just can't seem to get his head around?  God bless him for doing the laundry...but when I start to fold and there is not one, not two, not three, but four of my shirts - all dried in the dryer, I just want to ring his neck?! 

I have started doing the laundry.  I most often do.  But today I had to service a new store, and when I got home I was pooped - my feet ached (didn't wear proper shoes!) and my back ached.  He had done the dishes, the trash, had lunch ready for me, removed the dead battery from the car, and could I possibly be upset?  But I asked him...'after 13 years of marriage, why don't you know NOT to put my shirts in the dryer?'...and you know what the answer was 'I do know; don't know why I do it'.  ?????

I believe the issue is, he doesn't understand why I don't want my shirts in the dryer, and therefore, since he doesn't understand, it simply doesn't make sense.  As if I need to explain to him - for only the millionth time. Argghhh!  I guess these 'issues' are what makes marriage so doggone wonderful!

Here's to dirty laundry!

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  1. If it was me, I'd tape a little reminder on the dryer, right next to the start button. "I love you, but please don't dry my shirts in the dryer!". Just a thought...