Monday, August 9, 2010

Sore Loser

So, the time with my nieces is coming to a close.  They will depart here next Tuesday.  Am I ready for them to go?  Yes, and no.  It's been wonderful having them here, having so much girl time; sharing, laughing, watching movies, going to the beach, etc.  And playing cards.  Wow.  Have we been playing cards.  I am proud to say that I am still the champ in Spit, Pounce, and 500 Rummy - but Phase 10 and Uno?  Um, not so much.  Yes, both the girls have beat me once or twice in all the games, but they have creamed me in Phase 10 and Uno.  And all those childhood feelings of losing have come flooding back!  Yeah, I don't like to lose.  I thought perhaps I had outgrown that silly notion - but no, it is still inherent in my being.  My body tenses, I get angry, and very I told the girls one day 'I am not mad, mad, just mad and frustrated!'...they loved it!  It is safe to say that my nieces have seen a whole different side to their Auntie and they have heard her curse more than ever...I would like to say that my reactions stem from the fact that I am sorely missing my husband, but if truth be told, I am just a sore loser.  Always have been, always will be!