Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Equal Opportunity Posting

So, as everyone must know by now, I love my cats...Miss Marplestein and Dulcinea.  They are simply adorable and bring so much pleasure to my life.  I posted the other day about Dulcinea getting into my 'unmentionables' drawer.  Well, not to be out done, I must post about Miss Marplestein.  Now, she is much more demure than Dulcinea.  The other night, I looked up, and there she was, just sitting on the wall enjoying the Christmas tree lights and decorations.  Yes, I had to snap a picture or two and yes, I just had to post.  She was so intent she didn't even notice the camera.  I wonder what she was thinking or was she just wishing upon the star?

Both cats have loved the tree this year - have enjoyed sleeping under the pine canopy, especially when Henley is visiting the neighbors.  All is peaceful and quiet.  Merry Christmas to my baby girls who bring me such joy!


  1. Thank you...they are so sweet! If a tad unsociable with strangers! lol

  2. Strutz the cat,our official CAT, remarked upon Dulcinea that...well, I really don't think it was appropriate. This is from Helen and I: Thank you for the Holiday Greetings and now it's our turn. Happy New Year! Our best wishes.