Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Great Love Story

Today, sixty years ago, the union of two beautiful people took place in Heilwood, PA ~ it was the beginning of a great love story that would last through the years.  I am thinking of my parents today, with all my heart.  This, of all days, must be the most difficult for my mother. 

They were two young people, from very different walks of life. One was an only child, a latch key kid even way back then, the other one of six from a traditional family.  One was a city boy, the other a country girl.  One grew up thinking she was adopted (as many of us do!), the other grew up the center of attention, the apple of his family's eye.  And yet, they were similar in many ways:  both had lost a parent early in their life; both had a strong, Catholic faith, and both were naive and innocent in the ways of the world

And yet, they managed to find their way to Washington, D.C., meet, and fall  in love.  My mother always says they were 'just two young kids who didn't, know what we were doing!'...Obviously, they knew enough.  After seven children and 17 years of marriage they hit a rough patch that nearly ended the marriage.  But their faith and love for each other kept them going and they found strength in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.  Together, their spiritual life flourished.  They founded a prayer group that grew to over 400 people; they sacrificed their time and resources to help so many; they opened up their home to anyone who needed shelter. And their love for each other, their devotion to each other, never faltered. 

They were a prime example of what love and marriage is all about.  In watching them, I knew what kind of husband I wanted, I knew what kind of marriage I wanted.  I saw and learned that even after 50 years together, there would still be disagreements, growth...that marriage is ever changing and ever sacrificial.  Their devotion to each other is a pure example of God's unconditional love. 

In almost every picture, which are vast, they are hugging or staring into each other's eyes.  Their love was undeniable.  And even in their older years, during Dad's last days, the most precious site was to see them holding hands, loving each other.  I grew up hearing 'Where's your mother?' so often...if Mom was out of sight for even a minute or two, he needed to know where she was.  They left love notes to each other and called each other 'Hon' or 'Honey'...And there were rarely apart.  They each felt their place was with the other...nothing else mattered.

Together they saw their seven children grow and have families of their own. They saw their 14 grand children all grow to young adults/adulthood, and they witnessed the birth of six great-grand children. Yes, sixty years ago today, a great love story began. Death has separated them physically, but the love continues.  I have no doubt Dad looks down and sees his beloved, only he now knows exactly where she is.  How blessed I have been to share in one of the greatest love stories ever...I love you both!  The following lyrics reminds me of them...Ella Fitzgerald's 'Now It Can Be Told':

All the world's great lovers have been glorified
History placed them in a romantic set
In between book covers they are side by side
But the real thing hasn't been written yet

Now it can be told
Told in all its glory
Now that we have met
The world may know the sentimental story

The greatest romance they ever knew
Is waiting to

Now it can be told
As an inspiration
Every other tale
Of boy meets girl is just an imitation

The great love story
Has never been told before
But now
Now it can be told


  1. Krissy, beautifully written!
    I can't believe this story is about Daddy & I. It sounds like something from "True Romance" magazine. Yet everything you have written is true. We have lived it! I guess you could say, we each put the other first, that way we each felt loved & cared for all the time.
    That is how God taught us to love one another.

    Love to all our children, grand children & great grand children. God bless!!!

  2. Krissy,you truely have a way with words! Love, love, love!!

  3. Krissy,you truely have a way with words! Love, love, love!!

  4. Thank you both...I only write what I see and what I know! Love to you both!

  5. Thank you Krissy for putting into words what we all feel in our hearts. It was beautifully written! I was just saying how we each seem to have found our role in the family, you are the writer and Kate is the care taker, she remembers the days and makes sure the graves are taken care of ion such a special and endearing way. Thank you again for a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Mom and Dad! I love you!

  6. You're welcome! I am thankful that everyone has enjoyed this post. We've been fortunate, have we not? You are right, we each have our 'role' and I think we fill each to perfection...I love you!