Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, tomorrow evening my niece and her friend (who is like a niece) will be here for spring break.  I am so looking forward to their visit.  This week has been taken up with cleaning the house, washing sheets, making the beds, washing the windows, etc.  Today I finished.  Tomorrow I will blow the leaves off the front porch and back patio and then await their arrival.

Today is beautiful.  I do believe that spring has finally sprung - in every sense of the word.  The windows are opened, candles are burning - the scent of fresh grass fills the air.  I can hear the distant, but loud, radio of our neighbor who doesn't seem to know the word 'moderate' or 'neighborly', as he plays his music as loud as he wants.  At least today he isn't yelling at someone on the phone or in person, which usually include a few chosen cuss words!

Yes, today is a good day.  I've written two poems - something I've done very little of since November 2009.  Poetry lifts my soul and offers a way to release emotion deep within.  Writing is part of my being, something I think my husband finds hard to understand.  He accepts my need to write, but when I do he's thinking 'oh no, what did I do now?' or better 'what didn't I do?' to cause her to write.  Sometimes it is venting.  Sometimes my poem are very literal, sometimes I use poetic license.  One little emotion or thought, real or imagined, can trigger a barrage of words...I just go with the flow. 

And so, I'll leave you to revel in my deep ramblings of the day...until next blog...

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