Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eowyn's Song

I longed for you
Sweet Eowyn,
to fill my empty arms;
like a dream
you came to me,
if only fleetingly,
filling my heart
with joy .
Vacant now,
my womb still aches
and yet, again,
I long for your return,
if only in my dreams.

Copyright © Kristina M. Hooper, 03/16/2010

My heart is heavy today; my niece miscarried.  She and her husband had longed for this child for years...and now, nothing.  Eowyn is what they were going to call her.  Some know the name from Lord of the Rings - the warrior princess, niece of Theodin, who killed the Nazgul.  I wish I could do something, say something to ease the pain and emptiness my Katie is feeling ~ but what is there to say?  Only that I love her so and ache for her.  

These are the times I question why?  What is the purpose of taking such a precious life?  What would she have been like?  Unique and beautiful for sure - just like her mother.  The battle to conceive was long and hard...as one who was never able to conceive, the battle was near and dear to my heart.  And what joy when I was told the joyous news...and now, I know not the reasons why, but I grieve so.  

Be at peace, sweet Eowyn, another angel in heaven to watch over us.

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