Friday, March 12, 2010

Sentimental Fool

It's a rainy day in Florida - the second rainy day in a row...not much to do but stay indoors and ponder.

I started one of my projects!  My goal is to scan in two full boxes of old photos - gathered throughout my life - to put on DVD/CD.  Yesterday, I pulled out the boxes and started browsing.  Wow - a flood of emotions.  How young I looked back in 1978, 1981, young and innocent.  Much has changed since those days.  But we learn from life - all our experiences make us richer and make us who we are today, warts and all.  If we are fortunate, we learn from our mistakes.  Some do, some do not. 

Funny thing in looking back at my younger self.  I was always considered overweight, fat...I look at the pictures and think 'what?'...For sure, I wasn't a beanpole like my sister, Kate, but I wasn't fat.  How those adjectives colored my whole life, my self worth.  I look at these photos and see this cute, adorable, humble person - not the fatty who I thought I was.  Ah, if only I could have known my true self back then I would have saved myself much heartache and pain.  

And so...I leave you to scan...until next blog...

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  1. Truer words were never spoken...I feel your pain...:(