Thursday, March 25, 2010

Motorcycle Mama

Oh, I believe I forgot to mention...we are the proud owners of a '91 Honda Nighthawk - for those of you not in the know - that's a motorcycle.  Now mind you, it's not a huge bike, nor fully loaded, but it's big enough for the two of us.  Perfecto.

Terry has been wanting one for some time, and has been looking for years, actually.  But he would always talk himself out of the buy - for one reason or another.  This time, I told him to buy it.  Just do it.  And he did.  He got the tags today, so I do believe we will be going out for a little spin.  Of course, we need a sissy bar so my fat ass doesn't fall off the bike!  Pictures will definitely be forthcoming. 

The sellers sold a helmet with the bike - Terry put it on and he looked like the Great Gazoo, from the Flintstone's.  Now, who remembers that character and am I aging myself too much?  But he, Terry, looked so cute...of course, cute won't do on a bike, so we will also be investing in new helmets.  

Here's to cruising down the road...until next blog...

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